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Cycle racks and stands

Our traditional and contemporary cycle racks and bike stands provide secure bicycle parking and storage in public areas.

We supply:

We can customise cycle racks and stands:

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Cycle racks and stands

Simple functional bicycle stand. Front and back wheels rest against U-shaped tube.
CSS 101
Simple functional bike stand. U-shaped tube with lateral bar supports the full length of the bike.
CSS 102
Bike stand with minimum footprint when not in use. The bicycle front wheel slots in and is supported on both sides.
CSS 104
Tubular cycle stand. Asymmetric U-shape. Front post is full height. Supports front and back wheels.
CSS 106
Parking for two bikes facing opposite directions. Wrap around tube supports front wheel. Rail supports bike frame and rear wheel. Shown painted bright red.
CSS 107
Toast rack design for securing a row of bicycles. Shown painted green.
CSS 108
Functional wall mounted cycle stand. U-shaped tube for securing the front of a bicycle.
CSS 110
Functional post mounted u-shaped tube for securing the front of a bicycle.
CSS 114
Two traditional bollards joined with two railings used to secure and support a bike frame.
CSS 116

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